DC44141 - Glasgow Defcon Hacker Meetup Page

Glasgow Defcon meetup on the first Tuesday of every month at the GCU Students’ Association building from 6:30pm.

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Welcome to DC44141

We are the Glasgow Defcon Chapter, and you are very welcome.

Temporary Update: Due to COVID-19 lockdown we will temporarily be streaming events. Using twitch. This is great because it means the wider community can join in.

Next Event

Details for the next event:

Key Value
Date: Tuesday 1st of December
Location: Twitch & Discord
Time: 6:30pm (lobby open), talks (7pm)

If you would like to speak as well then you absolutely can. Ask @dc44141. We also accept unannounced talks where you just get up without fanfare and have had a few do it that way in the heat of the moment.


DC44141 is free. It is free to attend. It is free to talk at. It is free of commercial sponsorship.

It is welcoming. The only thing NOT tolerated is intolerance, if you see something say something.


It is run by volunteers on a happily chaotic basis. To my knowledge there has never been a committee meeting or anything. These reprobates are generally involved though:

– note to the editor. If I missed anyone then sorry, my excuse is I wasn’t around when DC44141 sparked into existence.

If this page does not answer your questions (and please check the FAQ below first) then feel free to ask the hive mind! The best way to communicate with us is to use Twitter. Primarily reach out to the official account which is @DC44141, and fall back to the personal accounts listed above.

Also PLEASE help us? We don’t know what we are doing. If you want to help you definitely can!


Is there any food or drink?

The event is entirely free and is not sponsored so there is no food or drink provided.

The venue has a food menu and a hot beverage menu. Food stops being served at 7pm so if you plan on eating get in early and get your order in.

That is a university building, I am not a student, can I attend?

Yes. Yes you can. The union building does not require an NUS card or anything to get in. If anyone questions you mumble “Glasgow Defcon” and try to look awkward and you’ll get passed on inside.

Is the building accessible?

According to the GCU website the entire campus is wheelchair accessible. I appreciate you might laugh and say “folks always say that and it is big fat lies”. To my eyes the building can be approached by a ramp, the door has a level floor for entry, and the event is on the ground floor.

Stay tuned as we will go on to make a video showing exactly what to expect from getting to the venue in the near future.

Can I get an Invite to Discord please?

You should be able to join here:

If not ping @ZephrFish or @DC44141 on Twitter